Pilates or Yoga?

Pilates or Yoga?

This is a bit like asking Capulet or Montagu. Yoga and Pilates both lengthen and strengthen the body and both have their diehard fans who would swear theirs is the better option – luckily, unlike the Montagus and the Capulets no one has to die for their beliefs.

Core, relaxation, flexibility

When you go to a pilates studio miami fl, you might be looking to improve core strength, but you could get great guidance on core strength from a yoga teacher. You might have heard that with yoga you get much more flexibility, but Pilates is as adept at flexibility. If both disciplines give you the same thing, how do you choose?

Even the experts don’t agree

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If you do some research into the differences you begin to find even the experts are hard pressed to say what makes one x and the other y. It is like comparing apples and oranges says one expert, although it feels more like comparing tangerines and oranges because the two are so close.

It is a personal choice

Pilates is focused on moves practiced on the ground (rather than a pose which is more yoga). There are also repetitions added to train or stretch the muscles rather than taking a pose and remaining in it.

The expert’s best advice is to try both. Work out which of the two works best for you by giving them both a go.

At a simplistic level, you can tie the idea of a more thorough workout to Pilates. The goal is not necessarily to investigate the spiritual side, but depending on the teacher that might happen. You will not really be able to know which of the two you prefer until you try them. Remember, it can be different from studio to studio too.