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Want to stay in one of Golf Weeks’ best courses? You know you deserve it.

When you want to get out and do eighteen holes but the rest of the family doesn't want to go to a golf place because they think there's nothing to do, can start a holiday with a little conflict involved.

Getting away to where there is something for everyone is the key to a happy vacation. What could be better to head to the sunny, dry climes of Resorts in Palm Springs.

Vacation Central

Palm Springs has long been a vacation spot for different types of getaway. You can hike, there's almost every sport you can think of, except skiing, even that "sport" of sitting by the pool with a glass of something cold which has a tiny umbrella in it.

There's an art museum if you need a dose of culture and if Mother Nature is where you like to be, then you are entirely surrounded by her in your desert oasis.

Resorts in Palm Springs

But what about the golf?

If it is all about the golf, then the world of fantastic courses is at your fingertips. It doesn't matter what handicap you have there is a course in Palm Springs that will work for you. You could be a complete beginner, or want a quick nine holes before breakfast. If you want to pit your skills against a professional you can play one of the professional courses and really show you skills.

There's more to Palm Springs than the golf, lots more. But as a destination that keeps your inner golfer happy and gives the rest of the family something to do while you play, there are few places to beat it. And don't forget our top class restaurants for your end of the day dinner.